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ABBAE is an approved AIA Continuing Education System Provider. The program is eligible for AIA Learning Units - both HSW and SD.



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Mitigating Risk In Construction


More than 85% of construction related lawsuits are due to water intrusion and leaks. Learn how to mitigate risk in construction and avoid leaks. Mitigating leaks and defective construction not only requires good detailing and design, it requires proper interpretation of manufacturer’s requirements and coordination between adjoining trades.  Building envelope consultants can aid contractors during the design phase by reviewing design documents and providing peer review for conformance with manufacturer, code and industry requirements. During pre-construction, envelope experts can conduct meetings with key enclosure sub-contractors. This gives them an opportunity to ask/answer integration questions and understand what is needed for quality control measures before construction begins.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how conscientious design can affect water intrusion, overall building performance, and construction risk.
  • Learn how pre-construction meetings with key enclosure sub-contractors can set quality control measures at the onset of construction.
  • Demonstrate through examples how mock-up construction allows an opportunity to make design and construction changes in the field.
  • Learn how water testing of mockups and assemblies can help mitigate risk, how many tests are recommended and which types of tests to conduct.

Horizontal Above Grade Waterproofing


Learn about various waterproofing configurations, considerations, protections, installation and life expectancies of systems. Learn about proper requirements for substrate preparation, adjoining materials, compatibilities and substitutions for similar systems. Learn how electronic leak detection (ELD) testing works, quality assurance inspections, and manufacturer’s warranty requirements.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the different types of horizontal waterproofing and the pros and cons of each.
  • Learn how to protect your plaza/podium/deck from construction damage, standing water, rot, and thermal damage.
  • Understand the different structural substrates and pros and cons of each.
  • Learn how to utilize warranties - a warranty never prevented a building from leaking.

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